People Are Just Going Crazy Buying Stuff On Their Smartphones

We spend a stupidly large amount of money on online shopping here in Australia, but by and large we do it on PCs and laptops. In a few years, though, that's set to change: people are going to buy a whopping 43 per cent more stuff via their smartphones this year than they did in 2014.

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According to PayPal, apparently the rate of overall e-commerce (catchy, huh?) growth is outstripped three to one by the rate of growth of mobile e-commerce. It's still a long way behind the $50 billion that we spend yearly online, though. Yep, billion.

Looking it as a trend over the past few years from 2013 projected through to 2016, though, worldwide the increase in smartphone and tablet shopping is 42 per cent. In Australia is 204 per cent. That's a ridiculously large jump.

Here are the salient points from the recent PayPal study, conducted worldwide and drilled down for Australia:

  • This year, Australians will spend about $8.8 billion from their mobile devices.
  • A third of online shoppers bought something from their smartphone within the last 12 months.
  • People use their phones to look up product details, and cheaper online prices, when they're in retail stores.
  • A third of Paypal transactions in Australia today are done on smartphones.
  • Shoppers prefer using an app (64 per cent) to a browser (55 per cent).

Apparently the future of shopping with your smartphone isn't actually online, though. It's all about near-field communication and tapping your smartphone against a cashless card reader, using it just like a Tap'n'Pay credit card, which plenty of Aussie banks already support. [PayPal]



    All we need then is that Secure Sim from the telcos so we can use that tap n go/paywave feature That we have been waiting for (CommBank's sticker notwithstanding).
    That and more apps that would allow me to actually spend my money on windows phone.

    In a few years, though, that’s set to change: people are going to buy a whopping 43 per cent more stuff via their smartphones this year than they did in 2015.

    Um, isn't it 2015 now?

    Imagine if we could buy our stuff directly from America instead of this BS Geo blocking. People would just buy everything on line. Even Kogan is selling supermarket stuff online and the prices are brilliant.

    Love the stock photo. Using a laptop instead of smartphone as per the headline. Also, who actually uses a laptop like that? Answer, nobody.

      First result for "online shopping" in Shutterstock... I'm lazy.

      A lady in glasses using a computer with messy hair....Im not complaining.

    I'm just wondering... how much safer is to shop and bank using smart phones than using our home PC? Obviously we keep an eye out for malware and spoof sites, and make sure that we shop and bank at secure sites, but is the value of smartphone shopping isn't the security but the convenience of having it all in the palm of our hand?

    Does anyone else have trouble logging into paypal via their phone? It usually sends me to a standard login-page that will then forward me to another phone-specific login-page. It requires your phone number + password with a mobile passcode appended. It just never works for me. I've reset the the passcode and tried contacting support (who never answer). It's probably saved me from thousands of dollars worth of impulse buys. As soon as I factor in moving to the PC I'm usually over the idea.

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