NSW Police Officers Will Use The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 On The Streets To Tackle Crime

In a bid to make NSW Police officers more effective on the beat, 500 of them have been given a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a bunch of cop-friendly apps.

The move is part of a pilot program by the NSW Police Force to improve so-called "real-time policing" efforts.

The Note 4 devices will be distributed widely across the Force, with phones going to the Police Transport Command, Traffic & Highway Patrol Command, Motorcycle Response Unit, Mounted Unit (don't Note and ride, folks), Dog Unit, the State Crime Command’s Gangs Squad and Domestic and Family Violence Teams. Local commands will also get access to the devices.

So what will all of these police officers be doing with their Note 4 devices? Well, police can take notes with the phone's stylus, use two apps at once thanks to Samsung's TouchWiz UI, perform background checks on the spot, gathering evidence and locate officers during emergency using the built-in GPS capabilites.

Oh and make phone calls.

The move is similar to the deployment of over 1000 iPads to Queensland Police officers last year in the name of real-time policing.

Would you accept two new recruits, NSW Police?

Image: NSW Police

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