Netflix Will Probably Launch In Australia On March 1, With House Of Cards Season 3

And that means it might be only one week away.

SMH has confirmed, via an interview with Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos, that the service will launch "next month" in Australia with House Of Cards' third season available on it. That season of House Of Cards is due to hit the US version of Netflix on February 27 — that's the morning of the 28th of February here in Australia, and that points quite strongly to Netflix potentially launching that day, or at least in that week.

Here's a thought, though — if Netflix launches just one day after the House Of Cards premiere, it'll be a Monday, and it'll be March 1. We don't know exactly when Netflix is launching in Australia apart from the fact that it'll be in March, but we're led to believe that it'll be sooner in March rather than later. March 1 is the logical date for these two factors to line up.

If those dates do line up, Netflix will be keeping its promises by launching in March, but it won't delay long from the international release of House Of Cards. We know that staggered international releases mean piracy runs rampant, as well as restricting everyday Australians from being able to watch the series of shows that they have become familiar with through their previous availability on difference services.

Netflix has a bit of "local flavour" for its Australian service already confirmed, with a deal with Beyond Distribution bringing a bunch of Aussie stand-up comedians like Carl Barron, Kitty Flanagan, the Umbilical Brothers and others to the on-demand streaming service. It's looking like the internationally popular streaming giant, which actually already has an established Australian user-base who access it illegitimately via VPN, will be a strong contender when it launches in Australia.

Interestingly, cable TV competitor Foxtel does not have the rights to this upcoming third season of House Of Cards, which means that it'll probably be a Netflix exclusive and therefore, like Better Call Saul on Stan, a big drawcard for new sign-ups wanting to see their favourite show through whatever means possible.


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    If I was Netflix I would be getting their original series back from those exclusive deals. If they were smart they would have a stipulation in their contract that would state that if Netflix was to enter Australia then they would take back any exclusive rights.

    As for launch date, I bet Netflix will just flick a switch and they will launch.

      I'm pretty sure they will add them back to Netflix after they expire

    Will there be a free 30 day trial? i wouldn't mind seeing what the aus Netflix has to offer.

      Given that Netflix in the US and in other regions offer a free month, I am sure they will here.

      Also judging from how it works elsewhere, if you sign up with an Aus account and aren't happy with the offerings, you should be able to switch regions pretty simply to gain access to more content.

      Since I signed up with a US account, the AUD has dropped, almost doubling my cost. I'm hoping the Aus price will be better so I can sign up with a local account and continue watching US content.

      To the best of my knowledge, they will offer the same free trial. But I seriously doubt on the House of Cards part. Its always the game where Netflix keeps the top-tier collection on the US network, which to me is fair. If they would come with HOC along with the launch, it will be impressive.

    Is there any reason why I shouldn't cancel my current Netflix account and sign up with the Netflix Australia, and continue to use circumvention methods to access US content when I choose to?

    Seems the logical path in my mind.

      That's my plan.

      (This will affect your "list" if you use that feature, you can only see (or add things to) your list in your home region)

      Last edited 26/02/15 1:12 pm

    Is there any news yet on what shows Netflix will be licencing in Australia? I'd hate to join early only to find that everything I want to see is on F_tel.

    But March 1 is on a Sunday.

      Not sure which calendar Campbell was looking at...

        Oh, awkward. Here I was thinking it was a Monday.

        I also think there's a good chance they'll do the launch on a Tuesday, which means March 3 -- apparently Netflix likes launching new regions on Tuesdays.

          I would think that with the Sunday night FTA offerings being so crap, that a Sunday launch makes a lot of sense.

            Netflix should just launch this Wednesday and promote House of Cards being released here first before the US.

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