Laser Deposition Welding And Precision Milling In One Awesome Machine

Laser deposition welding and precision milling in one awesome machine

Video: DMG MORI has combined laser deposition welding and precision material removal in this amazing machine. Watching this thing move to build different parts and components is utterly mesmerising.


    To steal from Crocodile Dundee.... That ain't a 3D printer. THIS is a 3D printer :)

    So many aspects of awesome in this!

    I don't know about anyone else, but I have a tendency to think of genius, as your Einsteins, Newtons, da Vinci's etc. But the engineers who design some of the machinery that makes our planet run, have to be some of the unsung hero's of the world throughout history!

      I completely agree. I flicked past the academy awards last night and was instantly sad that it wasn't a science and engineering award that was on prime time. They are the people that should be revered and looked up to in society. Without them we would have nothing

    Anyone have details of the strength of items created via this method?

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