It’s Flying Car Season Again

It’s Flying Car Season Again

Every six months, websites proclaim that the flying car is just over the horizon! And as if on schedule, the Daily Mail has a new article about how Terrafugia’s Transition is coming soon! The only problem? We’ve been hearing that since 2008.

The last time that Terrafugia really took over the flying car conversation was the summer of 2014. So it makes perfect sense that here in the winter of 2015 we’d see another story pop up with big promises for the future.

But the really weird thing about the Mail’s article? There’s literally no new information to warrant their coverage. It doesn’t even look like Terrafugia sent out a press release. The flying car is just such a trusty piece of future-bait that everybody knows they can depend on it for clicks.

When is the Transition supposed to arrive this time? As early as the end of 2015, “although it may be released in 2016.” Let’s just say you won’t find this paleofuturist holding his breath.

So thank you, Daily Mail. I look forward to my Google Alert for “flying car” being absolutely ruined for the next two weeks.