If Iron Man Wore A Watch It Would Look Exactly Like This

HYT Watches has made a name for itself in the horological world with timepieces that use fluids pumped through bellows and tubes to display the time. And while its new Skull watch is just a fun variation on its older HYT H1 and H2, superheroes and super-villains alike will no doubt be clambering to strap one to their wrists.

In lieu of any kind of moving hands, the Skull features an internal system of bellows and pistons that adjust throughout the day, slowly pushing a coloured fluid through a clear tube that’s used to tell the time. With this particular piece the clear tube forms the outline of an ominous skull on the watch’s face, and the progress of the coloured liquid through it indicates roughly what time of day it is. So when the liquid is stopped halfway between 1 and 2, it would be 1:30. Easy enough.

Two versions of the watch will be available initially, an 18k rose gold on titanium model that bears a striking resemblance to Iron Man, and a black titanium with green liquid model that probably bears a resemblance to at least one of Tony Stark’s countless other super suits. And speaking of Tony Stark, it won’t hurt to be a billionaire playboy if you want one, because the two versions will sell for $US97,000 and $US108,000 respectively, in limited numbers. [HYT Watches via A Blog To Watch]