I Want To Ride In This Hot Tub Tug Boat 

I Want To Ride In This Hot Tub Tug Boat 

Toot toot! I have discovered the apotheosis of transit and it is a hot tub tug boat. HotTug is both real and as incredible as it sounds, a hot tub that doubles as a BOAT.

The HotTug fits up to eight people, contains 1800L of water and is objectively awesome. Dutch designer Frank de Bruijn created the perfect machine after recognising that the world of leisure boating had a tug-boat sized hole. It comes with a stainless steel stove and a glass-fibre and wood body. Don’t worry about coming too close to the stove in your swimmers; it has been designed to stay cool enough to avoid burning passengers.

The only flaw that the HotTug possesses is that it is only available to rent in select European cities like Copenhagen and London.

If you know, in your heart, of a better way to spend your evening than this, please let me know. Just kidding, you’re a liar:

The slogan for the TugBoat is “unexpected freedom”. As it should be.

As it should be. Toot toot!

Images via Tub Boat