How To Grill To Perfection According To Michelin-Star Chef Raymond Blanc

How To Grill To Perfection According To Michelin-Star Chef Raymond Blanc

Our good old friend, the amazing master chef Raymond Blanc, shares the best tips for grilling and barbecuing fish, meat, vegetables, seafood, or even fruit in another set of his mouth-watering recipes.

These are his best tips:

Before grilling an eggplant make two little incisions with a knife so it doesn't explode.

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Remove the backbone of the chicken with kitchen scissors or ask you butcher to do it. Then flatten it and to get more contact surface with the grill so it cooks more evenly.

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Marinate tougher cuts of meat to make them more tender and flavorful. Raymond recommends a mixture of papaya (that contains papain) and pineapple (containing bromelain) that help break down the fibres and tenderizing the meat. He adds also mango for taste.

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Place leeks directly on the burning wood or coal. The outer layers will burn and the moister inside the leak will release steam and cook it to perfection. Pro tip: Dip it in
Romesco sauce to reach food heaven.

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Wrap the fish in banana leaves to shield it from the direct heat and to give it an intense smoky flavour.

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