Here's How To Stream The 2015 Super Bowl In Australia

Want to stream the 2015 Superbowl live in Australia? Here's how you do it.

Image: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As it turns out, there's really only one legal way to stream the Superbowl live in Australia over the 'net — if you're a Foxtel Go or Play subscriber, you can tune into ESPN from 10AM AEDT for the live stream, direct from the US. Everyone else is out in the cold.

Foxtel Play is the PC and Mac version of the subscription-only streaming service, while you can get Foxtel Go for both iOS and Android. You can't stream Foxtel from your Web browser through any legitimate means at all, unfortunately.

Free to air users are out of luck, however, as Seven plans to only broadcast the game in standard definition on its terrestrial network, on the main Channel Seven channel, around the country from 10AM.

Go Seahawks!

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