Here Are All The 2015 Super Bowl Commercials And Trailers

If you're anything like us, you watch the Super Bowl for the trailers and commercials. Get in here and watch them all in one place.

We'll be updating this live as more ads and trailers come to light!

Inside Out

Forget the Pixar movie. Puppies!

Kingsmen: The Secret Service

From British bogan to Bond.

Seventh Son

So it's 300 without the 300?

Ted 2

There's a second one?

Terminator: Genisys

Emilia Clarke looks like a great Sarah Connor.


This movie looks eye-poppingly good.

Game Of War

Kate Upton plugging an app which I've never heard of.

Clash Of Clans

Liam Neeson sucks at Clash Of Clans, but he loves a scone.

Carls Jr

This is just...I don't even.


I'm seriously going to use this tonight to help me sleep. The Dude lives.


Imagine if we were all nice to each other guys.


Walter White lives!

Furious 7

We only had to wait four seconds before we heard Vin Diesel say the word "family".

Wix is a simple website creator anyone can use, and its ad features Rex Lee of Entourage fame!


I'm not a huge fan of the giant 500X (500 for life!), but this ad made me laugh.


This just makes me want another Pierce Brosnan Bond film.


Anyone else think that the new Maxima has a touch of the Infiniti about it?

BMW i3

"What is internet anyway? Do you write to it like mail?" In other news: goddamn, I've never seen the i3 in white before. I want one so bad.

Mercedes AMG

It's the Hare versus the Tortoise, except the Tortoise is armed with a Mercedes Benz AMG GT. Awesome.


A sexy look at Hyundai's testing process.


Having 4G in a car would be awesome, and the new Colorado is sold in Australia by Holden. We'll be asking them if this is an incoming feature!


I'm not crying, Microsoft. There's just something in my eye.

Bud Light

Real-life Pac Man sounds like so much fun.


That's a pretty epic ad for batteries.

Jurassic World

Goddamn I'm so in for this movie.


Look I thought the Kim Kardashian-West fake PSA was funny.

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    Jurassic Park and Furious 7, man.

      Jurassic World looks the goods. Pumped for this.

      movies aside nissan ad was the best

        Hmm, thought the Nissan ad was the second sappiest, with award for sappiest going to Coca-cola (although Microsoft was close).

        I don't understand the Nissan ad at all. What's the message there?

        "Nissan: The car for dads who are away a lot because they are racing drivers"

          then they retire and get a maxima...or something?

    Where's the link to Carl's Jr ad? And Game of War ad?

    dem boobs tho.

      What do you mean? Luke hasn't even bothered to link to the Carl's Jr ad. Google it.

        i think thats because it got banned and wasnt played right? but yeah i know what you mean. i was referring to the KK.

        I have since put it in. The ad is genuinely baffling. I've never seen anything so lacking in nuance. But you know, give the people what they want.

          The US isn't exactly known for it's subtleties.

            Or food. Case in point, making an ad for the Super Bowl about how your food (burgers) actually has only food in it (meat). Interestingly, it didn't say whether the salad was organic, whether the buns had HFC in them etc, etc.

          Nuance? We dont need nuance. Put that on loop.

    Nope. Not watching anything Jurassic World-related. I want to go into this with low expectations.

    If this year's ads is a sign of things to come I think that would be a shame.

    Superbowl commercials used to be clever and original, but it looks they're being taken over by film studios promoting mid-year releases with movie trailers that are readily available elsewhere, or companies who have hired Hollywood actors and put them in a commercial designed to look like a movie trailer.

    GOW is awesome. Anyone in kingdom 266?

      Another GOW game? God of War, Gears of War and Game of War, Giraffe of War!

    I think the Hyundai and AMG ads were surprising. I would've expected that Mercedes do something more like the Hyundai one which was perfectly executed and made me actually like the car. The AMG one was just, wierd, considering the target market and price tag.

    Didn't mind the Brosnan ad... only one that got a slightly accelerated exhale through my nose out of me

    Three ads were best:
    1. pierce brosnan Hyundai,
    2. breaking bad Allstate,
    3. blue Viagra car ad.

    that coke ad was nice, but damn if you actually did that, bye bye electronics

    The i3 is just a piece of crap looking. White or not it is uuuuuugly.

    More comprehensive list of commercials here:

    And that Snickers ad was pretty funny.

    I'm down for data stash! Cmon telstra, time to sharpen your pencil.

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