Have You Ever Bought Something And Pirated It? 

Have You Ever Bought Something And Pirated It? 

Some people are morally opposed to pirating stuff on the internet. That is fair! (And law-abiding.) Then there are people who pirate stuff sometimes, and pay for stuff sometimes. This question is for you: Have you ever bought and pirated something? If so, why?

Did you lose your Roseanne DVDs and decide the show wasn’t worth paying for again? Did you somehow lock yourself out of your iTunes account and decide that you would absolutely never pay for Bob Marley: Legend again? Did you really, really, really want to see Avatar after it left theatres but before it became available to own?

Or perhaps you’ve experienced a reverse-situation. You pirated something and then felt guilty and bought it. (This happened to me when I read about how the band Grizzly Bear is poor.)

Please tell me your stories of content-acquisition double-dipping. Or just yell at me about why piracy is ravaging culture.

Top art by Michael Hession