Google’s Crazy New Campus Will Be Covered In Giant Canopied Domes

Google’s Crazy New Campus Will Be Covered In Giant Canopied Domes

Apple is building a spaceship. Nvidia will work inside alien polygons. Amazon has its orbs. Soon, Google might have an crazy new headquarters of its own: A series of giant, transparent canopied buildings filled with open spaces for Googlers to congregate.

Here’s what it should looks like, according to the latest renders from Google itself:

And plenty more where those came from.

Google says the large transparent canopies are designed to control the climate while still letting in light, air, and even some of the great outdoors. “We aim to blur the distinction between our buildings and nature,” reads Google’s introductory post.

Over at the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Google real estate chief David Radcliffe talks about the vision behind the idea and many more of the details. Including Google’s hope to build solar panels right into the canopies themselves — and how Google plans to have robots that actually lift and move modular sections of the inner buildings around.

Google plans to build these giant transparent tents on four different sites, blanketing the North Bayshore region of Mountain View with this crystalline architecture. No word on how Google plans to keep drones from peeking through the transparent tents and spying on all its secrets.