Google Play Music Is Now An Even Better Spotify Alternative

Google Play Music Is Now an Even Better Spotify Alternative

Google Play Music just upped the capacity of it's free music locker service from 20,000 songs to a whopping 50,000. Man Google's really giving Spotify a run for the best online music service right now.

Google Music's storage locker powers is one of the biggest differentiators between Google Music and key competitors like Spotify. Instead of relying entirely on the collection that Google has specifically licensed, you can supplement it by uploading your entire collection from your computer, and then stream or download that music to virtually any device that's connected to the internet.

The new storage capacity limit is just the latest bit of value that Google has added to its service. It's really been improving both its free and subscription offerings recently. Last fall, the service got a nice redesign and song suggestion powers from Songza, the playlist company it acquired last year. If you choose to pay for a subscription, you now get cool YouTube powers, like background playback on mobile devices.

Spotify we love you, but what's next on your end?

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    Google Play Music has been better than Spotify for a while now, in my experience. Competition is always good though and hopefully the two of them will drive each other to be ever better.

    Still no cool Youtube powers available in Australia as this article suggests....

    This is great news. I love Google Music. There are still some bugs here and there that are annoying, but typically it functions better than any other music streaming application I've used. As far as I know there isn't an option anywhere else to "fill the gap" with your own media. I've maxed out my music locker storage twice now, and it was becoming painful to shift music around. This I'm confident will resolve that issue.

    Despite the shitty apps (partially Apples fault, at least on iOS), the kinda-shitty web interface and the Quickflicks-esque streaming catalogue, I love the hell out of Google Music. I was waiting for them to start selling extra storage space so I could put my whole music collection in teh clouds under one account, but this is way way better.

    Makes iTunes match look pretty underwhelming.

      What don't you like about the web interface? I've found it by far the most intuitive of the music services I've used.

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