Get Your Star Trek Silver Dollars From The Perth Mint

Get Your Star Trek Silver Dollars From The Perth Mint

I’m not aware of any anniversaries or other events that would warrant the release of a Star Trek-themed coin from Perth Mint, yet, from tomorrow the company will be offering 99 per cent pure silver currency with either the original Enterprise or James Kirk himself slapped on the front.

On the reverse side? Why it’s the Queen, of course.

The coins will be available starting at 8am and can be purchased individually or as a pair. There’s no mention of pricing, but using other coins from the mint as a guide, expect to shell out $100 or so for each one. The release will be limited to 1500 of the combined sets and 5000 of the single coins.

They also come with nice packaging — I couldn’t find higher resolution images, so these microscopic ones will have to do.

If you’re wondering, they are valid currency… in Tuvalu. Not the most accessible of locations, but even so it’s unlikely you’d spend them for their one-dollar face value.

Oh and yes, William Shatner is partial to them.

[Perth Mint, via Geekologie]

Photos: Perth Mint