Game Lets You Hack The Mainframe Just Like In Jurassic Park

Game Lets You Hack the Mainframe Just Like in Jurassic Park

Every nerd born before 1990 knows the Jurassic Park hacking scene. "It's a UNIX system -- I know this!" Now, thanks to some nostalgic developers, you too can hack into the mainframe. A newly developed game mimics the 3D interface that Lex conquered to save everyone from the dinosaurs over 20 years ago. It's pretty fun!

It's called "I Know This". Like in the movie, the objective is to find a file, and the only way to do it is to hack into certain folders. But just like in the real world, some of these folders contain treacherous malware. Unlike any reality, "hacking" involves mashing on your keyboard as fast as you can. A weird animated purple arrow with hands offers helpful hints along the way.

Game Lets You Hack the Mainframe Just Like in Jurassic Park

This isn't the first time that the Jurassic Park hacking scene has been recreated on the internet. Last year, a little Javascript/HTML5 program let you simulate the hacking in your browser. "I Know This" takes things a stage further, though, making the 1990s-tastic experience into a game. The names of the folders are even based off of the files on your own computer, you know, to make it more realistic. Fun fact, though: the original Jurassic Park file system visualiser was based on real software.

See? Hollywood hacking isn't so crazy after all. Oh wait, yes it is. [Killscreen]

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    The reception to that scene always annoyed me. Held up as a 'hollywood doesn't get computers' scene constantly.

    Well, it really was a Unix system (technically IRIX) and the 3D file system browser she uses is Fsn, which was a real piece of software, though a bit impractical and probably not the #1 choice to use when you need to find a file quickly and there's velociraptors outside that want to eat you.

    The question as to how she would be familiar with an obscure 3D GUI for Silicon Graphics MIPS workstations, or even UNIX in general is more of a mystery.

      u sure?
      it looks like a windows vista to me !

      Duh, it's so obvious. She's a nerd, and nerds know all about computers.

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