Foxtel Broadband Bundles: Everything You Need To Know

Foxtel's long-awaited broadband bundles are here. For a nominal fee, you get home internet, fixed-line service and Foxtel entertainment in one bill, all delivered over the Telstra network. Here's what you'll pay (hint: it's expensive), and everything else you need to know.

Foxtel heralded its bid to sell home broadband back in December, and after a bit of a wait we finally have pricing info.

The broadband bundle plans come in four flavours, depending on how much data you want. Predictably, they aren't cheap.

Every plan includes 43 channels of basic Foxtel TV, as well as unlimited standard local and national calls. Charges apple for calls to mobiles and calls to premium numbers.

50GB of data, home phone and Foxtel starts at $90 on a 12- or 24-month plan; 100GB of data, home phone and Foxtel starts at $95 on a 12- or 24-month plan; 200GB of data, home phone and Foxtel goes for $105 on a 12- or 24-month plan, and 500GB of data, home phone and Foxtel costs at $125 on a 12- or 24-month plan;

Existing customers will be able to connect the 50GB plan to their existing Foxtel service for an extra $65 per month on a new 12- to 24-month contract.

Here's all of that in a handy table.

The speeds you'll be getting are ADSL2+ from Telstra, throttled back to 256kbps if you exceed your monthly allocation of data.

The television package you get tacked onto your home phone and broadband plan is the Entertainment Package, which features channels like Lifestyle, Fox8, MTV, BBC UKTV, Arena, Sky News and Sky News Business. From there, you bolt on additional packages.

The coveted Sports package — regarded as Foxtel’s crown jewel — will cost $25 per month extra, and include six Fox Sports channels, two ESPN channels, FOX Footy and Euro Sport.

Entertainment Plus is an extra $10 per month and includes channels like Comedy, SyFy, Style, TLC, E!, A&E, Food, Lifestyle Home and Lifestyle You.

The Movies channel is an extra $20 per month and bundles in nine genre-specific movie channels, while a Docos package featuring 10 Discovery and History channel properties will cost an extra $10 per month.

The Kids package is also $10 per month, while a new Drama tier featuring Showcase (for HBO shows), BBC First, 13th Street, FX, SoHo and the new Boxsets channel will run you $20 per month. HD will cost you an extra $10 per month.

Foxtel is also flogging its own Wi-Fi modem gateway as part of the new plans called the Foxtel Hub. It's "purpose-built" for in-home streaming according to Foxtel, and is being positioned as a great device to access services like Foxtel's Presto movie streaming service, as well as other services like Foxtel Go.

What do you think of the new plans? Would you take it up?



    I don't think it's THAT bad, relative to what you can already expect to pay from Telstra and Foxtel. I'm on Telstra's $93 200GB plan, and if I went for this 200GB plan to get the same internet and Foxtel (sports plus HD), I'd save $13 a month compared to if I just signed up for Foxtel in addition to my Telstra plan.

      I've been paying $78/mon for Telstra's 200GB cable, and it looks a lot less good from here.

      $27 more for their 200GB plan, when I could add Foxtel separately for $25 - and is have to drop from my 100Mbps cable back to (7Mbps) ADSL2+. Do they not even have a cable option?

        They don't often advertise due to so many not being able to get cable. If you happen to be on an older legacy bundle then maybe it isn't the best deal but these deals are obviously designed for people on the more expensive bundles and new clients.

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    The 500GB plan costs the same as the 500GB Telstra Velocity plan without Foxtel.

    Currently have home phone, cable internet from Telstra (200gb cap) and foxtel with sports package. We're paying $140/month in total. According to this I could get slower broadband speeds with no home phone for just $10/month cheaper!

      How did you manage that?! MY plan went to shits as soon as they set it up and battled for a year with no prevail to get the cost down to what it should be... Some are just lucky I guess lol

        Whoa just looked at their website and its super expensive now!

    It's really not that expensive, actually, considering it's telstra, but it IS more expensive than getting broadband separately.

    Whether you have unlimited with TPG, or 100Gb with iinet, the minimum you will pay for broadband alone is $60 per month (whether its naked (DSL with no voice) or you have DSL + landline rental). But in this case we have to use $70 a month to include local & national calls as well.

    Then you will be paying $25 for essentials, or $50 for foxtel + sport, + $150 for installation + IQ.

    Total cost over 12 months is $1590 to have it with sports (95% of people who buy foxtel get sport)

    Total cost over 12 months for the bundle + extra $25/month for sport is:
    100Gb = 1818
    500Gb = 2178
    (those prices are the minimum 12 month cost + $300 (12 * $25) for your sport)

    At the 500Gb end, it's $588 cheaper to get your internet from someone else.

    What about 24 months? Well $3809 is the minimum cost for the 500Gb bundle with sport.
    Foxtel don't offer a 24 month total minimum cost for TV only on their website, so I have to assume it's $1590 + (50*12) = $2190 = Foxtel with sport for 24 months + unlimited TPG with local and national calls.

    So over 24 months you save $1619 - enough for a 2 week holiday in Bali.

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      Can the coward who downvoted my detailed and well researched comment above at least have the decency to explain why?

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      But the fact that TPG is unlimited and I can very well get those 500 GBs of data at the same price makes all the diff to me.

        Oh yes. You can go up to 1Tb or even more on TPG no problem

        (i know this for a fact)

        Considering it's telstra though, it's reasonable, but as I pointed out you will save more by going elsewhere (and getting foxtel separately)

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    It's still Foxtel

    which means it's still shit.

      If your sport interest extends to more than just footy and cricket, or if you don't want the hassle of going the extra mile to get AFL in HD (which is possible with a VPN into the US or Singapore, then paying for AFL's international internet only service) then most people interested in sports will want foxtel. (whether they can afford to have it or not is a different conversation)

      Otherwise your left listening to it on the radio (or the limited amount on free to air TV).

      If you are not a sports lover, foxtel is not for you. There are far cheaper and better services available for you (that don't involve illegal activities).

      However the fact remains that if you have specific lists of shows you like to watch, your ONLY choice in this country is to use torrents/usenet/file locker direct download/ed2k or whatever other method the cool kids are using these days.

      Or to use geoblock avoidance like VPN and DNS solutions. These are not illegal.

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        Yep, I have Foxtel for A-League, EPL, NBA, La Liga. It's not the greatest, but I enjoy sport.

          We're in the minority here I bet. Foxtel sports smashes any other sports packages available. It's worth it alone for sports. But if you don't like sports, it's obviously not worth it, given other means of getting TV shows.

          btw these new deals are exactly the same prices as my separate iiNet phone+600GB bundle + Foxtel. So having them separate is still better value for me.

      even if foxtel was free, i still wouldn't watch it.. just the thought of supporting Rupert makes me want to puke.

        Anytime you watch a TV show or movie financed by News Corp you are supporting Rupert.

        You are probably supporting Rupert without even knowing it.

        So you never, ever watch the Simpsons?

    Give me the 500gb plan with platinum foxtel ,and able to upgrade to the IQ3 box, and we will have a deal.

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      IQ3 would be a foxtel exclusive. On these bundles Telstra would be getting their cut don't worry, so the "foxtel" part is less expensive. They aren't going to throw in IQ3 and give you a discount.

      If you live in an exchange with other DSL players, goto them instead and get the foxtel separately, you will save in the long run.

    Is that Cable or ADSL? It seems to be all about the Foxtel package, but it mentions ADSL2+?

      ADSL only.

      Cable is a Telstra exclusive so foxtel won't be getting that to sell.

      NBN I'm not sure about - they (reasonably) assume that everyone only has ADSL (which, by the way, is how Rupert wants it to stay)

    On line to Telstra now and they don't know about it???? I'm currently paying $156.60 ( and that's with $10 discount) for this package with only 200gb data. Telstra saying this is a hoax???

      Mainly due to this not being a Telstra offer... This is by the company Foxtel...

      Its like asking Optus about Vodafone deals.

    After being with Telstra for 7 years I must say I am happy to cancel ALL of my services with them just last week.

    After being quoted for a bundle with cable broadband and home phone around a year ago(I was hesiotant about their bundles as I had been burned before) I figured I would start to get some consistency to my bills!

    Not so - Their provisioning system is still too difficult for the average call centre operator to set your bundle up properly. I was recontracted on my Bigpond in September after calling for a usage top up. In complaining about this someone wanted to get me on a newer bundle WITH the foxtel to save me money.

    Just to paint a picture I am a young father with my misses and child at home all day. We are not heavy users but I am a big internet user. 200Gb, home phone and Foxtel should have come in around $200 as I am on platinum but apparently not so once again!

    My next bill after he "fixed it up" was $1074...

    $1074... There was double charging on the broadband package, cancellation fees and then the bundle being pro rated across two months... I was NOT on ANY new services I had already paid the previous month so in no way shape or form should I receive pro rate as if i am setting up a new service!!!
    After complaining again they "fixed it up[" and said I had to pay $729 including pro rate .... Cannot believe it.

    So the next bill comes and I somehow owe $1674... ... ... Talk about billshock for a young family. I called last week and said cancel everything. Im out! They did and they even credited early termination charges for my mobiles

    Now I am sitting pretty with two mobiles unlimited usage and 5Gb, unlimited net(albeit I am expecting slow ADSL 2+ from Optus) unlimited standard calls on the home phone and a fetch box to replace the IQ2(We only used it to record free to air, Foxtel really is shit) all for the TOTAL of $275 a month.

    We'll see how the bills go I guess but be very very wary of Telstra - Since pushing ALL of their sales centres( apart from NBN) offshore, they have had more provisioning faults than ever and they just dont seem to care! It took me around 4 months to get them to credit back incorrect charges to the tune of $800 last year and then all this happened anyway

    Be very very wary - Definitely dont go to Telstra because it LOOKS cheap!

      Your ads speed is more dependant on your distance to exchange than isp these days. I'm on optus and I'm getting the full speed they guaranteed.

      "I am a young father with my misses and child"

      Your missus is not going to like that.

        She was NOT keen on having no Foxtel all weekend... Trust me. LMAO - She's pregnant with our second and yeah - that was something I wasnt really anticipating when I told Telstra to cancel everything I'd just absolutely had enough! I could have done it yesterday or something but noooooo I went the whole weekend without net at home as well!!!

        Next time I will consult the pregnant lady first haha

      I'm confused - are you still with Telstra?

      Call again and say "complaint" to the voice recognition thingy. If you can't get any sense out of them, which would be unusual by the way as the complaints team are pretty good, then go to the TIO.

      To go to the TIO you will need an accurate record of who said what to who and at what times.

        The complaints teams are mostly offshore now as well....

        Honestly - I don't know what they have done but they don't care for the complaints. I sent an Email to the CEO's office and it was their team who called and stuffed my bundle up even more - only then did i proceed to receive a $1000 bill...

        I agree and I don't need to go to the TIO I told Telstra straight on Friday - "I've had it, cancel everything, I will not pay the cancellation charges on my two mobiles with more than a year on their plan(with handsets), I will not pay any cancellations for bigpond etc and they complied. The only reason I would go to TIO is if I actually wanted to stay with them, which after all this I am absolutely over it.

        My problem is I used to work there - I know their products, their procedures and although things change over the years their values dont. Too many times I am stumping the consultant on the other end of the line and they resort to making up lies. The training is getting much worse I'd suggest
        Something funny going on there.

        I even had someone from complaints on Friday ask me "so is your complaint just that you want what you want?!"

        I was so offended - No - my complaint is that nothing is provisioned correctly and its a waste of MY time to call every month. I am never compensated for my time and it has to happen every month! It isnt much to ask a company to follow through with what they offered but for Telstra and people operating Siebel, it seems that is far too much to ask!!!

    Is it supposed to say "charges apply" and not "charges apple"
    man that confused the living heck outa me :-(

    I should mention I was on Telstra cable with the speed boost as well - These prices above do not reflect that either.

    In my calculations, even with the 200Gb bundle if you choose to go with Foxtel Platinum HD and get the speed boost on cable you will be looking at around $280 - MUCH cheaper than what I was paying but still can get better value elsewhere

    No need to be on Telstra mobiles anymore for 4G - Optus has been fine for the past fortnight since porting the mobiles. I'll see how the internet goes - I fear its going to be worse than shit moving from Cable with a speed boost to adsl no matter what whether that adsl is with Telstra or not - I would just have better chance of a fault being fixed if I were to stay with Telstra but really there should be no difference

    OH WOW! Just noticed - 12 or 24 months on a DIRECT DEBIT plan... DON'T EVER give direct debit privilege to Telstra and if you do not heed this warning then go forth at your own risk!

    Plans are rarely charged correctly - I saw it a lot when I worked in the centres there!

      Which is why you direct debit to a credit card... and check the bill as soon as it arrives in your e-mail (which is 2 weeks before the money will be taken out) and call straight away.

        With my Telstra experiences I'd be calling every month. Not fair on a customer to have to follow up on them so much

    If you have access to it, it's still cheaper to go the Optus $90 Unlimited Cable Bundle ( plus Optus Foxtel Subscription for $25, and get a $10 discount if you have a mobile plan. Many have been getting the speed pack included for free, just by asking for it.

      Even with out the speed pack 30mbps ain't bad.

    for $120 / month one can get a unlimited 100/40 NBN, if they have access to the fibre.. that's a billion times better than any crappy foxtel package.

    It wouldn't be a good idea to sign up to any of these plans when this comes out. Foxtel are building their systems from scratch, which means that alot can go wrong. Misquoted bills, wrong contracts, anything. Best wait a couple of months when they inevitably cut the price to make up the numbers.

      Foxtel have had a billing system since 1995, independent of Telstra's billing system by the way.

      They are just adding a new service type to a billing system that is 20 years old and very reliable.

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        They replaced it in 08 and it took them a year to iron out the bugs. Then there was the Austar merger a year ago which caused alot of problems with packages.

    i have unlimted ADSL2 & Phone calls for $57 a month make me sad that people get conned into expensive ADSL plans :(

    Obviously no foxtel included, but their business model never suited me anyway :)

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    I recently moved from the US where i had unlimited fiber directly to my home for $100 a month. I was shocked to find out Aus is still using ADSL! Since the home i rented only supported ADSL, i went with Foxtel cable TV & Internet. I ended up getting the 500GB broadband and Cable TV with sports and entertainment package (in addition to the standard channels it was offering) for about $145 a month. So far the Internet has been working great with pretty decent speeds. I had to call customer service initially since my broadband service did not get activated on the date i specified and had to wait over an 1hr to get help. However, it was activated the next day and setup was very easy. I signed a 2yr contract with this plan. Overall i'm very satisfied with the package. Internet was very import since i work in the IT arena and i'm on it all the time.

    We made the mistake of signing up for the Foxtel broadband package and the Internet drops out all the time. Our daughters are so stressed as most nights they have problems getting their homework done and Foxtel say we have to pay $500 if we want to break the contract. They have sent Telstra techs out to check the line but there is no problem with the connections the problem is 100% with the Foxtel service. Whatever you do don't be lured by savings. In the end it is costing us way May in mobile data usage. I have to do most my work via my mobile which is actually on a Telstra plan and has no trouble connecting. Worst decision we ever made.

    avoid foxtel like the plague. sign up to the 200gb bundle. it all started with my IP address living in kansas USA. it is still there and they will not fix it. so i am blocked from all location based sites. now constant dropouts and my speed is 100kb yes that is right slower than dial up. my phone has so much static cannot hear anything. it has been a week now and they do nothing and will not return phone calls. my son cannot do homework as it is all on computer and the speed can barely open a page. 3.5 hours to download a 75mb app

    avoid at all costs

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