Foxtel Broadband Bundles: Everything You Need To Know

Foxtel Broadband Bundles: Everything You Need To Know

Foxtel’s long-awaited broadband bundles are here. For a nominal fee, you get home internet, fixed-line service and Foxtel entertainment in one bill, all delivered over the Telstra network. Here’s what you’ll pay (hint: it’s expensive), and everything else you need to know.

Foxtel heralded its bid to sell home broadband back in December, and after a bit of a wait we finally have pricing info.

The broadband bundle plans come in four flavours, depending on how much data you want. Predictably, they aren’t cheap.

Every plan includes 43 channels of basic Foxtel TV, as well as unlimited standard local and national calls. Charges apple for calls to mobiles and calls to premium numbers.

50GB of data, home phone and Foxtel starts at $90 on a 12- or 24-month plan; 100GB of data, home phone and Foxtel starts at $95 on a 12- or 24-month plan; 200GB of data, home phone and Foxtel goes for $105 on a 12- or 24-month plan, and 500GB of data, home phone and Foxtel costs at $125 on a 12- or 24-month plan;

Existing customers will be able to connect the 50GB plan to their existing Foxtel service for an extra $65 per month on a new 12- to 24-month contract.

Here’s all of that in a handy table.

The speeds you’ll be getting are ADSL2+ from Telstra, throttled back to 256kbps if you exceed your monthly allocation of data.

The television package you get tacked onto your home phone and broadband plan is the Entertainment Package, which features channels like Lifestyle, Fox8, MTV, BBC UKTV, Arena, Sky News and Sky News Business. From there, you bolt on additional packages.

The coveted Sports package — regarded as Foxtel’s crown jewel — will cost $25 per month extra, and include six Fox Sports channels, two ESPN channels, FOX Footy and Euro Sport.

Entertainment Plus is an extra $10 per month and includes channels like Comedy, SyFy, Style, TLC, E!, A&E, Food, Lifestyle Home and Lifestyle You.

The Movies channel is an extra $20 per month and bundles in nine genre-specific movie channels, while a Docos package featuring 10 Discovery and History channel properties will cost an extra $10 per month.

The Kids package is also $10 per month, while a new Drama tier featuring Showcase (for HBO shows), BBC First, 13th Street, FX, SoHo and the new Boxsets channel will run you $20 per month. HD will cost you an extra $10 per month.

Foxtel is also flogging its own Wi-Fi modem gateway as part of the new plans called the Foxtel Hub. It’s “purpose-built” for in-home streaming according to Foxtel, and is being positioned as a great device to access services like Foxtel’s Presto movie streaming service, as well as other services like Foxtel Go.

What do you think of the new plans? Would you take it up?