First Images Of The World's Largest Aeroplane

First photos of the world's next largest aeroplane

Behold the first glimpse of Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen's crazy space venture: the largest airplane in history, a 117m wingspan beast designed to carry and launch a giant rocket to space, with a combined weight of 540,000kg! Check out these two photos. They blew my mind.

But first, watch this video to observe the tail sections on the twin fuselage.

Now look at the scale of part of those tail sections compared to the humans in the photos.

First photos of the world's next largest aeroplane
First photos of the world's next largest aeroplane

Insane. This graphic compares the Roc -- as they call it -- with other planes, like the 747-8, the Airbus A-380-800 or the ill-fated Hughes H-4 Spruce Goose.

First photos of the world's next largest aeroplane

If you think this will go nowhere, remember that we are talking about Paul Allen -- who has more money than god -- and Gary L. Wentz Jr, the project leader who was the former Chief Engineer of the Science and Mission Systems at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.



    So it' snot really the world's "biggest" plane but it does have the world's biggest wingspan. An A380 is both longer in fuselage and heavier, with a maximum take-off weight for the "F" model at 590,000kg.

      Yeah. And it looks like the Russian Mriya is still the world's largest plane and will be for many years yet.
      The capabilities of this new plane are interesting but size isn't one of them. Except for its wings.

    "... who has more money than God."???
    1. If you're not religious then just about everybody has more money than God
    2. If you are religious then God has everything including whatever we have
    Or does the comment mean, he has more money than can be justified morally?

      It's just a common expression meaning he has a lot of money...

      Talk about taking everything literally...

        If you take everything literally, does that also mean you are taking God's stuff, in which case you ARE richer than God?

    If Jesus Diaz did in fact have his mind blown as often as he says, standing anywhere near him would indeed be a messy place.

    Jesus Dias - it looks remarkably like Richard Bransons White Knight Two. ... can you please tell me how it compares. size wise etc ? ( anyone please )

    Last edited 26/02/15 2:15 pm

      The Stratolaunch places objects in orbit. Low Earth Orbit to be exact (Not sure on high earth orbit capabilities)

      Virgin Galactic's 'SpaceShip Two' simply takes you to 110KM and back again.

    Nice to see they are actually building it, instead of pie in the sky promises.

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