Facebook Finally Stops Trying To Restrict What Gender You Can Choose

Facebook Finally Stops Trying To Restrict What Gender You Can Choose

A little over a year ago, Facebook finally did away with its highly restrictive gender options. (It was male, female or nothing.) But instead of being open-ended, the social network would still only let you choose from among a list of 56 options. Now, after catching some flak, Facebook is finally offering infinite options. You can type whatever you want into the gender field.

The change is almost hard to notice. When you go to your profile and edit your gender, you used to get a drop down menu of options when you started to type into the field. Now, you still get that, but your choice doesn't have to conform to the dropdown menu. This is pretty much exactly what Google+ did months ago.

Facebook Finally Stops Trying To Restrict What Gender You Can Choose

Better a decade late than never. Although, apparently, the option is only available to a small number of users right now. It's unclear why. [AP]


    Mayonnaise is not a gender

      Nor is cupcake-kin. Or any of the other bullshit "genders" these tumblrinas come up with.

        Excuse me?!
        That is so offensive!
        My school teacher said I can be anything I want!
        Check your privilege!

    So instead of encouraging the good behaviour of a company who's changing their product to suit consumers, you write an article laden with sarcasm. Why can't you just be happy with the change instead of focussing on how late to the party they were with it. For the positive change that this is, this article doesn't seem to reflect that.

    I sexually identify as an Attack Helicopter and this is how my parents will find out

    People say to me that a person being a helicopter is Impossible and I'm being stupid but I don't care, I'm beautiful. I'm having a plastic surgeon install rotary blades, 30 mm cannons and AMG-114 Hellfire missiles on my body.

    If you can't accept me you're a heliphobe and need to check your vehicle privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

    So in a world where there is only two genders in all mammals; a list that has 54 other genders to pick from is insufficient and offensive??? Okay...
    I say our gender should be based on what genes we have. If we have a Y chromosome we're male and two X's means we're female. Do away with all this confusion.

      Genes just screwed your plan.
      We about people that have Xyy or Yxx? Both Xy, Both Yx, but also xx or yy..

      2 genders are fine. Pick the gender you identify as. What is a third gender.?

        Then I shall modify my idea with the three most common "extra sex chromosome" syndromes. XXY, XYY and XXX.

        "IF an individual has at least one y chromosome; they are male, otherwise they are female."

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