Everything That Could Possibly Go Wrong With The Apple Car In One 'Leaked' Ad

Maps that take you off a bridge and into a river. No windows. Bad battery life. This is everything that could go wrong with the so-called Apple Car in one "leaked" ad.

Of course, it isn't real. It's an awesome bit of comedy from Dan Ilic (formerly of <a href="http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2014/03/meet-the-guys-who-want-to-make-the-daily-show-for-australia/"A Rational Fear).

The Apple Car is a rumour that popped up last week. According to the rumour mill, Apple is working on an electric car to take on the likes of Tesla.

Of course, if Dan and the folks at AJ+ are on the money, the Apple Car will have no windows, terrible maps, an awful battery and come with a variety of cases to make it look like the iPhone 5c.

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