Drool Over This 60cm Long Version Of The Best Batmobile Ever

Drool Over This Two-Foot Long Version of the Best Batmobile Ever

We've all got a soft spot for the Tumbler that Batman drove in the Christopher Nolan films, even the Batmobile from Tim Burton's take on the caped crusader was memorable. But nothing will ever top the sleek, art deco-inspired Batmobile from Batman: The Animated Series that many of us remember from our childhoods. So we're eternally grateful to DC Collectibles for bringing it back as a 60cm long masterpiece complete with working lights, steering and room for two 15cm figures.

Come October you'll be paying $US100 for this nostalgic souvenir of a childhood spent watching the animated adventures of Batman, but at least you'll finally know what that empty spot on your fireplace's mantle was meant for. [MTV via Toyark]

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