Don't Let Sony Charge You Five Times More For A 'Premium Sound' Memory Card

Don't Let Sony Charge You 5X More for a

Sony's got a new deal for audiophiles, and it's so scammy it's almost impressive. The electronics company that apparently doesn't want to be an electronics company anymore is now peddling a Micro SD card "for Premium Sounds". A 64GB card will cost $US160 which is more than five times what you'd pay for a normal Sony Micro SD card.

The company claims that the price-gouged premium sound card will produce less electrical noise. That sounds pretty made up. As science has proven, overpriced hardware enhancements do not necessarily lead to improved media quality. Even Sony admits that it doesn't even know whether people will buy the damn thing. "We aren't that sure about the product's potential demand, but we thought some among people who are committed to great sound quality would want it," a spokeswoman told the press.

This shouldn't come as a huge surprise. Sony's been leading the way in the bullshit parade of new high-price, high-resolution products aimed at audiophiles with too much money. The new Micro SD card for Premium Sounds will fit neatly into Sony's new $US1200 Walkman. It will fit into Neil Young's new PonoPlayer, another bogus product that can't actually improve your listening experience. You shouldn't put Sony's new Micro SD card into any of your gadgets, though, because you shouldn't buy it.

[Wall Street Journal]

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    Sony marketing is running out of ideas.
    Please, just continue strengthening your other products!

    Hoooooly crap, that's pure bunk! It should actually be illegal to sell that here.

    Can we sic the ACCC on to these clowns?

    No please; this is an important product announcement for the /true/ audiophile. Not content with bit rot in normal signal processing they now have a chance to get an audiophile quality card that promises faithful storage and delivery of the underlying audio data without any trace of distortion.

    Other improvements - such as monster cables and low magnetic flux gold plating on the listening room's doorknobs - would be totally wasted unless every single part in the chain of sound, from this card holding it's 64Kbit/s MP3 recording to the electrostatic speakers to reproduce it in all it's finery are of the highest standard.

    Of course, it also ensures that the dehumidifier keeping the listening room's air at just the perfect humidity for optimal sound transmission will not be overstressed with spurious high frequency noise!

    This card uses oxygen free copper that allows the transfer of high fidelity audio unlike any other SD card available.

      I guess i'm just old school, I like to hear the Oxygen in my copper. Brings a level of authenticity to the sound and oxygen free copper just makes everything sound over-produced.

        Ahhh... Speaking of authenticity... Have you tried the Shakti Hallograph Soundfield Optimizer?

        Exactly, I hate this modern, overly compressed loudness wars sound and want my audio to be able to breathe. How is that possible with oxygen free copper??

    Whilst this particular move is totally bogus, anyone who thinks you get no benefit from a hi-res audio device is speaking out of their backside. I bought a new Hi-Res Walkman last week and the sound quality is instantly noticeable in comparison to my phone, my laptop and my old player. Anyone can hear it. No, I didn't pay $1200 for it, it's the NWZ-A15 you can buy from JB Hi-Fi for $249, but the sound quality is superb, even with 320kb/s mp3s - deeper, richer bass and a little extra sparkle in the top end.

      You pretty much just agreed with the article: $1200 players are BS, you can get supreme quality out of something 1/5 the price

        Well, from what I've read, the more you pay, the better it gets. The $1200 player has 128Gb of on-board storage, as well as microSD, and it runs Android so it is far more useful/powerful than my player. And that's not even close to the most expensive player you can get - you can spend a couple of grand on an Astell & Kerns and you'll definitely get true audiophile quality. Or you could buy the Fiio X5, which costs four times more than the Fiio X1 but anyone who has heard both back-to-back will tell you the difference is night and day. That may not mean anything to you but that doesn't mean the difference isn't real and easily heard.

      I moved from an ipod to a x5 (~$450) and the difference was massive, even without playing flacs. I tested an AK100 while I was there, and while I could definitely tell the difference, it wasn't worth the $500 premium. To someone with different preferences in sound, looks or disposable income, it might be.

      But that won't uninformed donks running their mouths, sadly.

      Could that not just be better quality speakers?
      My mp3's sound better through my 1200 dollar amp with 5.1 surround and dolby digital..

      WITHOUT increasing any bitrate..

    this might be useful for someone who has an anechoic chamber and need to dissect audio consistently without signal noise from the card..

    I don't think it has a consumer application.

    Isn't this the sort of thing the ACCC should be clamping down on?

    They have lost the power of overpriced Sony Memory sticks due to dominance of SD and MicroSD cards.

    I know there's a lot of hate in here, but I just have to say when I'm listening to my doof-doof with my 256dB active noise-cancelling, I can't help but be distracted by the -99dB 100,000kHz buzz coming my my SD card -- that's the sound of electrons ricocheting off the oxygen molecules. This produce will save my life.

    Hey look, uninformed IT donks commenting on audio products. Let me guess... 'lol its all ones and zeros!'.

    There is a pretty interesting thread on Reddit (yes, cesspool etc) where actual audio engineers and professional recording techs explain why this is a) not snake oil and b) not aimed at you listening to your mp3s on your shitty android phone through your $39 earbuds

      Well said!

      I couldn't see anything there. The discussion seemed to quickly degenerate into whinging about over-priced cables. But here's how it works - a microSD card stores ones and zeroes so any problems with the card would result in an unreadable file. The conversion from digital to analogue happens in the player, away from the card. If there is somehow a chance of the card interfering with that process, which I find highly implausible. then all that is required is to separate the two components within the device.

    Laughing at the 'stupidity' of this product is like laughing at the 'stupidity' of a tool making company selling a seemingly simple drill bit for $1000. It serves a very specific purpose and allows the user to do certain things a cheap $1 bit wouldn't. If you think this product is stupid then you don't understand enough about it to make that call.

      You do know that there is such a thing as being over-engineered to a point way beyond any normal user would ever need.

      A 1000 dollar drill bit is a physical device that has to interact with other physical materials (i.e. a woodworking drill will not be as expensive as a metalworking drill.

      An SD card only has to transfer data through a single protocol. It is also unable to process data on its own, so all you can do to make a card more expensive is to either increase its capacity or increase the rate at which it can transfer data.

      Given that a 64 Gigabyte Class 10 (a format designed for recording 4K video, more than enough for any lossless audio format) Card costs about 100 Australian dollars, a card that costs twice as much but holds the same amount of space, then the only thing that it could improve upon is data transfer rate (technically it could also have a longer lifespan, but that is not a thing that is relevant to audio players), and given that I have already mentioned that the cheaper Class 10 cards already have a high enough bitrate for any product that can use an SD card, the only thing left is to assume is that it is just marketing buzzwords.

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