Timeline Shows The Potential Future Of Russia’s Next-Gen Fighter Jet

Timeline Shows The Potential Future Of Russia’s Next-Gen Fighter Jet

Here’s the potential timeline for Russia’s T-50 PAK-FA, the fifth generation multi-role fighter that will get the designation Su-50 once it gets into production in January 2016. The nemesis to the American F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II will fly with the flag of Russia, South Korea, India and Iran.

January 2016

Sukhoi has already produced five prototypes, the latest one catching fire in June 2014. On January 2016, Sukhoi plans to enter production of the Su-50 for the Russian Air Force.

June 2016

Later in that year, Sukhoi wants to start producing a especial variant for the Indian Air Force: The Su-50E.

July 2018

The South Koreans — if they finally choose to select the Su-50 as their next-generation aeroplane — will be getting a version of the Su-5o with Korean avionics, the Su-50EK.

June 2020

The SU-50E will evolve into the Su55-FGFA, a twin-seat version co-developed with India for the Indian Air Force.

August 2020

Sukhoi plans to introduce Su55-FGFAM, which will be a modernized version of that twin seater for the Russians.

November 2022

If all goes according to plan, Iranians will be getting their Su-50ES.

The Sukhoi Su-30 evolution

The timeline above was made by a fan based on this official Su-30 graphic by Sukhoi, which has been modernizing its current flagship fighter, the Su-30 — a twin-engine two-set beast for” all-weather, air-to-air and air-to-surface deep interdiction missions” — since its 1992 introduction. This timeline shows the Su-30 evolution, with variants for countries like Algeria, Malaysia, India, China, Venezuela, or Poland Indonesia.