China Used More Concrete In Three Years Than The US In 100 Years

China used more concrete in 3 years than the US in 100 years

Briefly: Bill Gates has an incredible statistic: According the USGS' cement statistics, China has used more concrete from 2011 to 2013 (6.6 gigatons) than the United States in the entire 20th century (4.5 gigatons). It blows my mind but, then again, as Gates point out, look at Shanghai's evolution.

China used more concrete in 3 years than the US in 100 years

Now imagine this happening in every city in China, from Beijing to Zhengzhou.

Another cool infographic is this stat on aluminium use in the United States. It shows how much aluminium the country uses to make cans and how developments in manufacturing have helped decrease the energy and environmental impact as production increased from 1980 to 2010.

China used more concrete in 3 years than the US in 100 years


    Concrete (or cement, component of concrete) accounts for about 5% of total CO2 man made emissions.

    That's comparing apples with pears. How can comparing two completely different time periods (1901-2000 vs 2011-2013) be a useful statistic? I'd be curious to see a like for like comparison for 2011-2013. No doubt China would still be way in front.

      Its to show how if america has changed all of what it is in the last 100 years.. how much progress china makes in just a few short years..

      China has not only completely rebuilt its landscape.. they build entire cities in 2-3 years.

    what I reckon is amazing is that at the 2010 rate production it would likely only take around 12-13 years or thereabouts for Coca Cola to make enough cans to reach to the sun, stacked end to end. Rough calculation, could be way out. :)

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    Can we get a graph showing how number of shipped alumin(i)um cans correlates with average American weight in the same period?

    Assuming most of those cans contain either soft drink or alcohol, more than doubling the number of cans in 30 years can't be a good thing.

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