Bloomberg: Samsung's Galaxy S6 Will Have A Screen Covering 3 Sides

Bloomberg: Samsung's Galaxy S6 Will Have a Screen Covering 3 Sides

Samsung's next big flagship phone -- presumably to be the Galaxy S6 -- will almost certainly be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. According to Bloomberg, one model be all-metal and feature a screen that covers three of its sides.

According to "people with direct knowledge of the matter," there will be two versions of Samsung's new flagship phone. One will be draped with a screen that "covers the front and both the left and right sides;" the other will feature a standard front-facing screen. Both will have displays that measure 5.1 inches on the diagonal, according to the sources.

Displays aside, the same sources explain that both handsets will be hewn from solid lumps of metal, and feature "Samsung's most advanced processor chips." Which really you'd hope for in a flagship phone. Other details remain undisclosed.

If the rumours are true, it won't be first time Samsung has flirted with the idea of a curved phone display -- but it may well be the most mainstream. Still, the veracity of the claims remains to be seen. We'll find out soon -- most like at the Mobile World Congress in March. [Bloomberg]



    How the heck are you supposed to hold a phone with screens on the sides without constantly registering unwanted touches? You would hope the bits of screen on the side aren't touch sensitive otherwise it would be a nightmare...

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      They most likely will be touch sensitive, but Samsung will implement smarts in the screen edges to detect unnatural touches. They have done something similar with the Note Edge from what I understand.

        did you say Samsung will implement smarts ?

        hahaha Samsung ? smart?

        if android ever fails, id blame Samsung.. no better than Apple.

        clunky ui and cheap plastic crap. sony htc moto lg are doing a much better at making a proper phone

          Obviously they have done some things right to have sold so many high end phones like the Galaxy and Note series. Heck, they even managed to sell a few pre-bent phones. I dont seem them as a one trick pony as at the moment they are Apples top competitor, and have a major strong hold across many countries around the globe in terms of smartphone sales (both low, medium and high end devices).

          In terms of their materials, yes they are getting better with the use of aluminium etc. Im quite sure the latest Galaxy and next Note device will live up to the high-end status by using premium devices, and their UI will improve with a rethink and reduction of gimmicky crap. I dont think they've been obliviously to the negative feedback about these points, and are probably going to address them this year. HTC's devices while nice, have failed in the camera department. Sony is doing things right, but again, I wouldnt consider any of their devices as using high end materials. Motorola and LG are getting better as well, and is probably the best balance of price, materials, hardware and software, and are the two who I am now looking to for my next device (unless the S6 is really as good as the rumours suggest).

    Now the important question....
    Will the S6 come with Windows (which I will buy) or are they going to ruin another flagship phone by dumping Android on it (always good for a laugh, but it's wearing thin).

    Yet more stupid gimmicks from Shitsung. Maybe they should concentrate on making their devices run better (ie, remove Shitwiz) before adding more stupid "features".


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