'Better Call Saul' Launches On Stan For Aussies Tonight

The spin-off/prequel to Breaking Bad premieres in the US tonight, and it has never been easier to get your hands on a show, with not one but two legal options for getting the show to your device for little to no money whatsoever.

Stan has a first-run crack at Better Call Saul, with episode one launching on the service tonight at around 6pm AEDT. Stan gives you a free month of service, which means you get around four episodes for literally nothing. We should point out here that Fairfax which owns half of the Stan joint venture with Nine also owns Allure Media, which publishes Gizmodo Australia.

By way of balance, there's another (slightly cheaper) way to get your hands on the sweet prequel goodness: Ezyflix.tv will offer 10 episodes of Better Call Saul for $10. The episodes will drop weekly, 24 hours after they air in the US.

No matter what you choose, however, it's cheap content available on loads of devices: something we've been pining over for years. Our friends over at mUmbrella have it right: don't pretend you're Robin Hood if you're out to pirate Better Call Saul tonight.

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    Tempted to watch it through Stan to give them credit, even though it was auto grabbed 3hrs ago.

      Oh that's right, Silverlight, screw you Stan. Cast to Chromecast, uh, Stereo, screw you again Stan.
      Cast yo Nexus Player, nope, doesn't work. oh well, back to my Dolby Digital HD copy. Sorry, I tried.

    It's a very good start, but they'll have to close that availability gap down over time (as in by 6 months from now).
    There is no reason why we shouldn't be able to get something in the 'same hour' as it's available in the US, but getting it down to 2 hours after US broadcast is a fair target for now.
    This is a global economy and it's time for the corporate world to do their bit.

    Whats Stan? I've never herd of that torrent site?

    You know what, fuck that! Your mates at mumbrella don't have it right. Stan is an inferior piece of shit. Who the hell wants to stream TV shows or movies to a computer or phone?!?! I know I sure as hell don't. I bit the bullet last week and caved in to foxtels evil lure. I have everything except the sports pack. So, as far as I'm concerned, with a fox sub, a Netflix sub and FTA I should be able to watch everything. But, no. Now I'm expected to subscribe to some sub standard streaming bullshit? NO. Fuck that.
    Netflix sub
    Spotify sub
    Foxtel sub
    I pay out way more than I think I should, and yet I'm expected to dish out more cash? Enough is enough. Soon we're all gonna need a second job, just to pay for our media consumption.

      Chill dude.. It's on Netflix too, just not US/Canadian Netflix! Change regions and you're good to go!

        Thanks mate. Just shits me that with all I shell out, I still can't watch it "legally". It's already sitting on my server waiting for me to view though.

          Explain to me how watching it on netflix is "illegal"

          Foxtel doesn't want you to do it. But that doesn't make it illegal.

          It's against the Netflix T&Cs to VPN into it from Australia, but that too doesn't make it illegal.

      never heard of plugging your laptop into the HDMI port on the TV?

    Watched it on Stan tonight and really enjoyed it. I'm interested to see where they take it.

    tried to watch it on Stan but it took 20 mins to get thru the first 12 mins of the episode. This was at 9pm. More buffering than I could put up with. This happens regularly on Stan. And I have good net speeds etc. Stan seems to be just a little sucky at the moment...

      I watched it at 8pm and didn't have any dramas at all - haven't had any issues with Stan except the A11 bug which is apparently fixed in the next iOS release.

      I watched it on Stan too. Hit play and it started pretty much right away and didn't stop to buffer at all once it started.

      I have the same problem with Stan all the time. Sometimes the stream will stop and won't start again for about 5 minutes. Doesn't make sense because I can watch a 1080p youtube clip without any stop for buffering.

      I watched it on Stan at the same time and had no problems at all.

    Stan works on the Xperia Z1 and Z2 but not my Z3... What a load of shit.

    Netflix UK. There's your third option - just change your Netflix region and boom!! :-D

    So is the second episode on Stan at 6pm tonight? It's being shown in the states tonight (their time, obviously)

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