Awesome Montage Of Women Kicking Arse In Action Movies

Video: The film editing maestro Clara Darko stitched together this perfect montage of actresses in action movies kicking mother freaking arse. I love how each punch or kick or swing of the sword or crossbow shot or anything perfectly blends together from one movie to the next. More arse-kicking please!


    Extra points for accompanying music.

    This video is sexist and offends me as a male

    Well not at all, but I gotta make fun of those idiot perpetually offended feminists with their own medicine whenever I can, it's so fun! :P

    See this is what I'm talking about.

    Simply an awesome video embedded for ease of viewing with a simple blurb that doesn't pick at every scene in a condescending tone.

    Learn from this as it's perhaps the best post of the year so far haha!

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