Australian Police Seize 3D Printed Gun Parts

Australian Police Seize 3D Printed Gun Parts

Almost two years after Aussie cops first started warning the public about the dangers of 3D-printed firearms, Queensland officers have seized plastic firearm parts in a raid.

Queensland Police executed a search warrant on a property in Mudgeeraba, seizing cannabis and cannabis plans, a knuckle duster, a shotgun and “plastic weapon parts” made with a 3D printer.

A 28-year old man was arrested during the search and charged with drug and firearm offences. He will appear before a court later on this month, Police say.

Queensland Police Detective Inspector Scott Knowles took the opportunity to provide a warning to citizens about these 3D printed weapon parts, saying that they risk “serious injury” to themselves by using them, before adding that they’d be up on firearm offences if caught.

The NSW Police service held a press conference back in 2013 warning the public about this new threat. At the time, they brought up the same points Queensland officers did yesterday, saying that people who use these home-made plastic weapons risk damage to themselves.

The NSW officers came to this conclusion after 3D printing a copy of the Liberator (the world’s first 3D printed gun model) and test-firing it, only to find out that it exploded with the round.

Image: Queensland Police