Another Celebrity Is Leaving Twitter -- Can You Blame Her?

Another Celebrity Is Leaving Twitter -- Can You Blame Her?

It's a tale as old as time: Celebrity joins Twitter, celebrity gets viciously harassed on Twitter, celebrity becomes a shell of their former self because of Twitter, until finally -- celebrity leaves Twitter. Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is now counting herself among the chosen few (hundred). Because remember: Twitter's broken, and it's not getting fixed any time soon.

This newest case is essentially just a rehashing of the horrific abuse Robin William's bereaved daughter went through (though admittedly less graphic). Azalea explained her decision in a series of tweets that basically boiled down to "the internet is a dark and horrible place and the only way to escape is to straight up leave."

And at least for now, on Twitter, that really is the only way to escape the trolls. As we've said before (and below), erring on the side of free speech means opening the door to a whole slew of unpleasantness -- in addition to few who really, truly need and might otherwise not have any voice at all.

It's unfortunate, but the only real way to avoid it for now is to remove yourself entirely. Because as Azalea said herself:



    Aww diddums.

    I still don't know anyone personally who uses twitter, seriously lol.

      Neither, however none of the people I regularly interact with follow mainstream TV, music etc... So there's really no need for any of them to feel "included" in the armchair wars.

        haha I'd say the same for myself too. The only time I hear about twitter is on the news or sites like these

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    i guess, you know, being kinda racist might attract some hate

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - Iggy Azalea - I really don't see the attraction. Looks awful, apparently doesn't write her own songs, and is riding on the coat-tails of African-American culture without any of the 'authenticity' that even someone like Emminem (love him or hate him) does actually have. Yeah, she's 'Aussie' so our press is inevitably going to keep going ga-ga over her, but she's seriously over-rated.

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      You forgot the nail in the coffin - She's from Mullumbimby. Great mushrooms, but the people... Wow.

      Someone choose to leave social media and you find it necessary to go out of your way to personally attack someone you probably don't know and have never met... Sad.

        It's OK Maid, I read Giz pretty obsessively throughout the day at work, so didn't really have to go 'out of my way' to personally attack Amethyst at all. But thanks for your concern ;-)

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      Hey now, Amethyst Amelia Kelly is a totally authentic rapper, just talking about her experiences growing up on the hard streets of Mullumbimby.

        I think the hardest thing about living in Milimbumby is learning how to spell it.

    No one cares about Iggy Australia.

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