An Adorable Ride-On Combine That Actually Harvests Toys

An Adorable Ride-on Combine That Actually Harvests Toys

The combine harvester looks like one of the more terrifying tools a farmer has at their disposal. But when shrunk to the size of a toddler, suddenly it becomes an adorable way for kids to scoot around their play room while sucking up bright yellow balls.

Available later this year for just $US60, the combine is completely kid-powered so there are no batteries to die, and no motors to ever need replacing. But before you decide that this is the perfect way to teach kids that cleaning their room can be fun, it's important to note that the yellow balls the ride-on collects are blasted right back out the rear, just like actual grains being harvested. So in reality it will probably end up creating even more of a mess. [Tomy]

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