ABC iview Will Premiere Whole Seasons For Select TV Shows

The ABC has always made good decisions when it comes to improving iview, its video-on-demand service and it looks like the trend will continue in 2015. According to the broadcaster, this year we can expect complete seasons to appear on iview, ready for you to cannonball in one sitting, or watch at your own pace.

Speaking with TV Tonight's David Knox, ABC's head of programming Brendan Dahill confirmed that ivew would provide bulk episodes for certain shows, rather than offering them piecemeal:

"So, we'll be taking a couple of moments when we go, 'You know what, have it all, it's available there right now.'" ... "Our catch-up window is currently 14 days but we'll be making some shows available to binge in their entirety but for longer than 14 days," he said.

Dahill goes on to say that for some shows, users may have the option to purchase viewing access beyond the two-week period.

The only sad part is the lack of mention of which shows might receive this treatment, but you're more than free to guess.

[TV Tonight]

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