A Brief History Of The M16 Rifle

Video: When you think of the US Army and its firepower, you think about one gun in particular: the M16. The M16 has been the weapon of choice for the US armed forces since the early 1960's, and after a rocky start it has solidified its place as a modern military companion. This is it's brief history.

Iconic Arms are responsible for this little YouTube docu-special, and have a whole bunch of other informative videos on some of history's favourite guns. Check them out here.


    that's an article for Americans.

    after reading about American Exceptionalism and the Military complex, the answer is cos money.
    Not everyone has high regards for it

    No mention of the forced adoption of the 5.56mm round for NATO that came with the m16 and well it's still up for argument whether it's any good.

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