A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The (Awesome) Life Of A Ski Photographer

Photographing backcountry skiing isn’t the easiest of jobs — mess up the shot, and you’ve got a lot of hiking to do again (not to mention the wasted powder). But it also has its benefits, like skiing endless laps of perfect snow.

This GoPro video details a day in the life of Christoph Oberschneider, a skiing photographer from Salzburg, Austria. Ski photography has a unique set of constraints, as Oberschneider detailed in this 2013 profile:

Since my friends and I usually weren’t the only ones on the mountain when there was good powder to be found, I had to be very quick when I wanted to make sure that I could take a photo of a skier in untracked snow, because — let’s face it — nobody likes tracked powder. My special backpack /camera-pack-combination made it possible to get the camera out and start shooting in about 30 seconds, while it was also still a state-of-the-art avalanche airbag system with all the safety equipment a serious freeride skier has to carry with him.

To get his images, Oberschneider shoots a full-frame Sony a99, using burst mode and short exposures to freeze the action — ISO can be kept low, since thanks to the snow, exposure isn’t normally an issue. [YouTube]