4G LTE-A Speeds Explained With ‘Cooking Detonation Velocity Dumplings’

4G LTE-A Speeds Explained With ‘Cooking Detonation Velocity Dumplings’

Japan’s mobile service provider DoCoMo has a way of explaining technology so anyone can understand, especially if you like dumplings. (And seriously, who doesn’t?) I can’t say for sure what’s happening in this video, but I do know that DoCoMo’s “premium” 4G can reach around 225Mb/s, by combining pork mince and cabbage… wait, that’s not right.

Translating the clip’s description offers some explanation, though I’m sure the subtleties are lost:

Today, is 3 seconds dumplings. How to to Is it the will finish really.

Please pay attention to cooking speed that has evolved. “By bundling two bands in one, increase the communication speed” to represent that, while intermingle ingredients emitted from the two ejection port, to develop a device for cooking dumplings in detonation velocity was. And speed of mixed ground meat and cabbage pops out, salt and pepper, leek, garlic, the timing of flame out roofing, all the careful calculations, has been programmed by verification. Come in this video, domestic fastest, when receiving maximum 225Mbps * 1 of the speed your experience please!

Ah yes, it’s all clear now!

Ahem. Anyway, if you enjoy Rube Goldberg machines capable of cooking delicious meat pastry in less than three seconds, this one’s for you.