25 Of The Most Desirable Objects Ever Made

25 Of The Most Desirable Objects Ever Made

First of all I have to make this clear: I am not an objectophile. Really, no. Not really. OK, maybe a bit. Bit who isn’t? We’re surrounded by scores of gadgets so well-designed it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with some of them. The following set of images serves as a confession for me. Call me a pervert, but I adore these objects so much, that simply to touch, to hold them causes a pleasant and tickling sensation in my nervous system.

And I would like to invite you, dear reader, to share your passion for objects in our discussion zone below this post. If you wanna play, this is the time to confess: post the photo of your beloved thing, describe the brand, the model, the year, and why you are in love with it. Anything goes.

Here is my tableau of inanimate objects that I desire:

Wristwatch: Bulova Accutron from 1960, because of its innovative electronic mechanism

Photo: jcw/Wikimedia Commons

Mobile Phone: LG Nexus 5 — I love its minimalism and the feel of the materials

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

Rotary phone: Ericofon, aka the Cobra Phone by Ericsson, Sweden in 1954 — the most extraordinary phone design ever

Picture: Marcin Wichary/Holger.Ellgaard/Wikimedia Coommons

Radio: Panasonic R-72S Toot-a-loop Bracelet Radio (made in Japan circa 1972) — you can wear it if you want, and you want

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

Notebook: MacBook Air, the best associate I have ever worked with thus far

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo//Brian Kersey/Getty Images

Computer: GD-71 graphic display station — a cyclops that looks gorgeous

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

Desk lamp: Nanbu “Sweet” — a cute and sleek High Intensity Lamp made in Japan, circa 1960

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

Alarm clock: Goldbühl, made in West Germany, circa 1960 — love its knurled plastic body

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

Camera: Yashica Mat 124G, made in Japan, circa 1970 — a reliable and sturdy partner on every photo trip

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

Furniture: Marcel Breuer’s B3 Club chair from 1927 — an extreme and elegant Bauhaus perfection

Picture: Eckehard Schulz/AP

Hi-Fi set: Brionvega RR226 (1965/2008) — makes me smile all the time

Picture: Brionvega

TV set: Philco Predicta from the late 1950s — a revolutionary TV design for the masses

Picture: AP

Gun: Agram 2000, made in Croatia, 1992- -the most Star Wars compatible contemporary weapon

Picture: weapon.ge

Bicycle: Benjamin G. Bowden’s Spacelander Bicycle from 1946 — its postwar biomorphic design was love at first sight for me

Picture: Brooklyn Museum

Motorbike: BMW R7 prototype from 1934 — the definitive Art Deco beauty

Picture: ElfeJoyeux/Wikimedia Commons

Car: Alfa Romeo Carabo concept by Bertone from 1968 — she is the one and I am speechless

Picture: Bertone

Train: Aerotrain, a hovertrain developed in France from 1965 to 1977 — its aft portion makes me shudder

Picture: Aerotrain

Propeller aircraft: Chance Vought F4U Corsair, 1940 — its inverted gull wing makes the Corsair the most beautiful WW2 aircraft

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

Jet aircraft: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird from 1966) — no words needed

Picture: Lockheed Martin

Spacecraft: OV-104 Space Shuttle Atlantis — retired in 2011, it was the last ship to carry U.S. astronauts into space

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

Toy: Matchbox OV-104 Space Shuttle Atlantis — because, you know, I need a tiny orbiter to live with

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

Bridge: Manhattan Bridge, built in 1912 — how can you not love the first modern suspension bridge?

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

Ancient monument: Bayon temple from 12th century Angkor, Cambodia — a mysterious smiling belle hiding in the jungle

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

Skyscraper: Chrysler Building, built in 1930 — these details speak for themselves

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

Not-manmade object: Willamette meteorite (billions of years old) — blessed is the American Museum of Natural History for letting anyone to touch and feel this timeless beauty

Picture: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo