You Can Remotely Control This LED Camping Lantern With A Smartphone

You Can Remotely Control This LED Camping Lantern With a Smartphone

Is there anything worse than entombing yourself in a warm sleeping bag only to realise you'll need to face the cold of night again to turn off the lantern in your tent? For those who like their camping on the comfier side, Brunton's new Lightwave Amp can be controlled remotely using a Bluetooth connection to an app on your smartphone.

But that's not the only reason you'll want to kick your old kerosene lamp to the kerb. The Lightwave Amp is powered by a massive 21,000mAh battery that can also be used to charge your other electronics via three built-in USB ports. It also serves as a portable wireless speaker, letting you stream your music to it over Bluetooth. And to really keep the campsite party going, the Amp's even got a set of colour-changing LEDs that can be synced to flash along with the beat of your tunes.

Not exactly a list of features that are necessary for survival, but who says roughing it has to be completely rough? [Brunton via Gear Patrol]

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