You Can Now Watch Aussie Cricket Highlights On Your Apple TV

Got an Apple TV and a powerful desire to fill the rest of your summer with cricket? You're in luck: Cricket Australia is about to start putting content onto your Apple TV in a new dedicated channel.

From today, you'll be able to get news, behind-the-scenes content and all-important cricket highlights in glorious high-definition on a dedicated Apple TV channel for Aussies.

Presumably, other behind the scenes content will include a pizza-making course with Warnie.

The new Apple TV channel has come out of Cricket Australia's partnership with Nine's digital division, but the peak cricketing body has stopped short of saying that users will be able to live stream games in the near future.

Game live-streaming on the Apple TV and on other devices is something that Nine and Cricket Australia have been experimenting with, but told us this morning that it's not something that's in the planning stages just yet. For the time being, the best place to watch cricket is still the Nine Network still which has the broadcast rights to the matches live.

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