What The Hell Is This UFO Ejecting An Orb Filmed Today?

What the hell is this UFO ejecting an orb filmed in California today?

This unidentified flying object was captured on video over Southern California. The UFO — which is producing a corkscrew tail that seems to indicate rotational movement — ejects some round thing that flies into another direction at a faster speed than the object itself. What can it all be?

First, watch the video:

What could it be?

A meteor

Today is the peak night of the Quadantrid Meteor Shower, which happens as the Earth crosses the remains of a comet or planetoid observed half century ago. It's logical to think this is may be one of these meteors, but it seems way to slow to be a meteor, which enter the atmosphere at a much faster speed than the UFO recorded in California. Here's a real time NASA recording of the 2013 Quadrantids for comparison:

Meteors often experiment explosions as they enter the atmosphere, but they don't look like the UFO captured in California. The trajectory and the speed of the ball ejected from this object seem completely off. It's unlikely but the explanation for this anomaly could be the camera angle, but it still seems really weird.

A satellite or spacecraft on re-entry

Judging by its speed, this can also be an unknown satellite or a spacecraft entering the atmosphere. There have been no official reports at this time and there may never be one because it could be a military satellite or some secret experimental spacecraft. The ball may be a piece of the object ejected in a violent explosion. However, if you look at this video of the Columbia accident, that's not how pieces from explosions act.

Perhaps, however, this unidentified object was supposed to eject something on re-entry, much like spy satellites used to eject film canisters until the 1980s. If it's something experimental, we may never learn about what the hell it can be.

An experimental anti-intercontinental ballistic missile defence system or some other weapons test

This is may be a possibility, as the US announced last month that they were going to start testing anti-ICBM system. It's definitely not an ICBM, however, as the warheads wouldn't be ejected in that way, as shown in this video of a recent Russian test.

An alien spaceship crashing with an alien escaping in a pod

I mean, why not, right?

What the hell is this UFO ejecting an orb filmed in California today?

A very good CGI prank

This is the most obvious explanation. It's very well done, but it can all be a joke.

Any other theories?

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    Can Giz please stop with the gifs? Why bother having a video if you are going to show it all in gif form?

      I love the gifs. I don't have the time or patience to watch a whole video. Thanks Giz for giving us the highlights in the form of convenient gifs!

      My annoyance is that they're always above the video. By the time I've read the intro paragraph and decided I want to watch the video, I've already seen it at a crappier resolution and colour depth and then there's no point.

      Not everyone can access YouTube or Vimeo videos while reading Giz articles at work. So thanks Giz for the Gifs. Giz Gifs.

        Then those people can have a look at it again once they get home if they're really interested. Gifs are ugly and tacky and have no place outside of "under construction" signs from the 90's.

          Nope, I want them in the articles. You lot can enjoy them and the video with your special unrestricted access and all.

      IMO if it's directly relevant to the topic and illustrates the point, like it does here, then it's fine. I hate it though then they put them in for the hell of it or to try to be funny. Relevant clip from video? Good. 2 second loop of something where animation adds nothing? Not good.

    It must be aliens, I can see a pyramid too...spooky.

    Master Chief is re-entering the atmosphere

    That photo reminds me of a more important question - how the heck is ancient aliens into a 7th season? seriously.... i got nothing...

    I for one welcome our orb ejecting overlords.

    Swamp gas.

    why are the videos such bad quality when they film stuff like this, i swear your average phone camera takes a better video than that.

      It looks like digital zoom was used and the autofocus seemed to have having trouble picking something to focus adequately on.

    The ejected piece is the Primary Buffer Panel...

      Master Chief? (or did he mean "Chef"?) Primary Buffet Panel? Good heavens, it's an alien bainmarie come to destroy us all with it's scalding water, weak infrared warming lamps and soggy chips.

    So its going at great speed against the direction of the main object, and it appears to veer off slightly from the original path. My guess, if the video is real, is that its a very large torus of smoke (smoke donut/vortex) caused by an explosion within the main object. No idea if a vortex could travel that fast though, and it does actually appear to speed up at one point so very weird.

    Last edited 07/01/15 12:04 am

    Shame he didn't keep filming the little blob to see where it went or if it burnt out.

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