Watch This Boeing Dreamliner's Stunning Vertical Take-Off Stunt

We have featured plenty of extreme airliner landings and insane manoeuvres, but not a lot of crazy take-offs. Some Redditor made a GIF from a video of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner in almost-vertical-take-off, originally filmed at the 2014 Farnborough International Airshow. There's plenty more angles:

More angles:

Yet nother angle plus a touch-and-go:

Bonus: A Qatar Airways' Dreamliner take-off:



    I saw the last QANTAS B767 do a "Combat" (high rate of accent) take off at Darwin Airport.


    Amazing the things you can do with an aircraft when it is flying up to 110 000kg lighter than maximum take-off weight.

    Just a short-steep climb after achieving significantly more "ground" speed than V2.

    No, not vertical at any point. This is a very lightly loaded B787 demonstrating the extra engine power required by "second segment climb performance" for all twin engine airliners. It guarantees that a fully loaded twin can climb away after a single engine failure.

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