Ugh, Look At All These Chumps Using Cameras Even Bigger Than iPads

Ugh, Look At All These Chumps Using Cameras Even Bigger Than iPads

In a recent study, we learned that roughly a quarter of Americans take photos with their tablets. Ugh. Don’t these people know that they look ridiculous? I mean, these people are totally ruining modern society by taking photos with something so enormous!

Even though people who take pictures with iPads are objectively the worst, they obviously weren’t the first people to totally embarrass themselves with such huge-arse cameras. Just check out the chumps below. OMG, how EMBARRASSING!

A photographer in 1939 using a ‘Magic Eye’ camera which has a shutter speed of up to one thousandth of a second (Getty)

Photographer Alex ‘Sasha’ Stewart sets up his camera for a portrait of English crime novelist and screenwriter Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace in 1931 (Getty)

South Africans having their portrait taken by a street photographer in 1956 (Getty)

Photographer Florence Vandamm takes a mirror selfie in 1947 (Getty)

Harrison B. Roberts Associated Press staff photographer in 1942 (AP)

A naval photographer taking the picture of a fellow sailor playing the tuba (Getty)

A professional photographer in 1924 taking photos on the beach (Getty)

Dr. Robert Dietz, geologist at the U.S. Navy electronics laboratory, and Grant S. Anderson, right, photographer at the lab (AP)

Mammoth 900 pound camera built circa 1900 (Smithsonian)