This Indecisive Smartphone Can Run Android, Windows, Or Firefox OS

This Indecisive Smartphone Can Run Android, Windows, or Firefox OS

Not sure what mobile operating system to settle down and start a life with? The new Alcatel Pixi 3 doesn't know either, so it can run everything: Windows Phone, Firefox OS, or Android.

The Pixi doesn't run all these operating systems at once or anything; which one you want is a choice you'll have to make when you buy one. But adding to the variety, the new Pixi comes 3.5-inch, 4-inch, 4.5-inch, and 5-inches alongside the choices of operating system. The only catch is that the tiny 3.5-inch version won't have LTE. Still, that's an arse-ton of variety.

Other details about the phone — like its specs — aren't coming out until CES proper, and chances are they won't be anything mind-blowing, and you're probably going to be better off just buying a phone that's made up its mind about what operating system it wants to run. It's still fun to see a phone so willing to play the field. The only question is since Alcatel is now the owner for the good old "Palm" brand, are we going to see one of these running WebOS?! (No, no we're not. But maybe an Android one!) [Alcatel via The Verge]


    Whoah, a multiple-boot phone!

    Very handy for multi-platform developers. I wish it allowed artificially limiting hardware specifications, too.

    It can do all that, but still can't run a real OS? Fail.

      What OS did you want to run that isn't included?
      iOS? Hahaha that's the most restricthve operating system of them all, it's expensive, locked to Apple devices, and well known for not respecting your privacy or providing many tools for people who do want to avoid surveillance.

        You forgot for IOS "turn it on, it, works, then forget it", unlike the other 3 pieces of total crap mentioned. Android memory management anyone? I love putting new 32GB memory cards in my Android and still being told by the OS that it can't install an app because the whos-a-ma-thingy memory pool is low. Utter crap.

          Lol. This right here is just my favourite.

          "I love ios so much because it restricts my usage so much that I am unable to think for myself and set up another device properly"

          Theres a bunch of stuff to do to properly manage your storage and if you cant figure it out, you really oughta unplug every appliance in your home lest you blow yourself up.

          Never had the problem with any android device I've has but at least you can put a 32GB card in. Last time I checked you can't with ithings.

    This seems like a good smartphone to investigate your options in the same environment to see which one works best for you.

    As long as it's at least a snapdragon400 chipset it'll work well enough. Hoping for something better but a 400 would be my minimum

    I hope it comes with all 3 available from the bootloader. However, my suspicion is that OS will be an option at sale and pre-loaded alone.

    The concept of multibooting phones is not new. Albeit not officially supported by any manufacturer/supplier (why would they?). Many phones have ported OSes available on XDA-devs. A few can truly multiboot functionally (the HD2 for example can do this from ROMs stored on a partitioned microSD card).

    But none (to my knowledge) have made the leap to the most useful iteration of this - running Android and iOS on the same device.

      Most of the reason why phones haven't done that is because iOS is locked to Apple devices only, because Apple owns all the rights to it. Google's Android is freeware, allowing anyone who wants to put it on their phone legally able to do so. You'll never see a phone come out of the box with iOS and another software installed unless Apple majorly changes their business model, and right now they have zero reason to.

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