The Hisense Chill Is Your Own Personal Vending Machine

Fridges are cool and all, but if you have a games room or private theatre or man cave, you might want something a little more showy. The Hisense Chill is exactly that -- it's a vending machine, all of your very own.

It'll hit Australia some time towards the second half of this year (price is yet to be confirmed), but at the moment Hisense is showing off the Chill at CES, and I reckon it looks pretty awesome. You can stack the four internal reservoirs full of up to 72 cans or 36 beer bottles, and there's an equal amount of can space in the pre-chilling fridge underneath.

Of course, if you feel like stocking up for a movie night, you can use the pre-chilling area to store -- any temperature between 2 and 8 degrees is well within the Hisense Chill's repertoire. To hide the drinks or goodies away from kids' prying eyes and fingers, each top compartment and the overall fridge itself can be locked down.

Each of those four reservoirs is configured to punch out its own beverage -- the four buttons on the front will dispense from a corresponding compartment, and each image can be changed to suit said bevvie. The Chill has a big LED-backlit display up top, too, and Hisense is fond of the idea of your changing it with a picture for any given occasion.

I don't really have any specific need for my own private vending machine, but I just want one. [Hisense]



    Ok thats going on the lotto list.

    Best of CES 2015 Nominee

    I didn't think I currently wanted anything.. this is now the only thing I want

      Your avatar works perfectly with your comment.

    As well as the cool looks..

    Not having to open up the fridge every time a drink is spat out, Should go some way towards lowering the energy usage (Though at the high price likely to be charged for this novelty, no cost saving will be realised) as long as the dispenser is adequately insulated, not hard to do, actually the whole thing, shouldn't really command too much of a premium over a normal fridge, as a dispenser is trivial to design and construct.

    I have an old fridge in the shed, maybe it is time to make it into a vending machine, (pity I cannibalised the compressor for another project).

    OR just get an old drink vending machine.

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