The Galaxy S6 Could Be (Almost) Free Of Annoying Bloatware

The Galaxy S6 Could Be (Almost) Free of Annoying Bloatware

Samsung's next big flagship phone, presumably the Galaxy S6, is almost certainly going to be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March. And, according to new rumours, it's looking more likely than ever that it will be running something close to stock Android. Be still, my heart.

Past rumours have suggested that the new Galaxy S6 would have a better, more minimal version of TouchWiz, the Samsung specific software that sits on top of Android, adding features but also mucking it up with crap. That would be fantastic, because it would pair cleaner, simpler software with the increasingly fantastic hardware that Samsung's been putting out recently. The Note 4, specifically, is a wonderful device, and its software was already headed in the right direction. The Galaxy Alpha, pictured above, has lovely hardware too.

Now, reports from Sammobile suggest not only that the bloat-y crapness of Samsung's TouchWiz will be slimmed down, but that some of Samsung's more useless and/or niche apps might be totally optional. Instead of getting a phone with stuff like Samsung's Google Now competitor "S Voice" and extra shit like "S Translator" pre-installed, S6 owners would just go and get those apps if they want them. And, really, who does?

It's still possible these rumours are baseless, but it seems more likely than ever that they might be true. And man I sure hope so. Samsung's got Gear VR (maybe coming to the S6?!), fantastic screens, and ever improving design. Crumby Touchwiz software (which has already gotten way way better) is the most irritating wrinkle that could hold the S6 back. Samsung couldn't make a smarter move than to put it out of its misery. [Sammobile]



    God I hope this is true. Still, even if it comes with a UI thats close to stock android, it doesnt change the fact that Samsung will release Android updates to its new device slowly over the next 18 months and then abandon it completely in favour of supporting the Galaxy S7 and S8. But, I applaud them for moving in the right direction with both hardware and software improvements, now they just need to improve their support.

    In an interesting turn of events, my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wifi tablet (which is 2 years old now) was delivered Android 4.4.2 yesterday (something that had been released in overseas version (eg UK) for almost a year now). Good one Samsung, a nice surprise, and better late than never.

      Not that I am defending it, but you have to remember that the devices we get here are not the standard ones so we probably aren't at the top of their software development list. If you are gonna blame any one its probably worth ALSO blaming the government for selling the frequency to digital tv.

        Galaxy Note 8 WiFi. Samsung Australia have no excuse for not updating it sooner.
        I gather you're referring to 3G/LTE bands? Australia uses the same general radio bands as Europe, which is why we normally get the "International" model of devices. Samsung are well known for being useless at releasing firmware updates in a timely fashion.

    If samsung can deliver a close to stock android OS and ditch that physical button I'll be stoked.

    I also have heaps of issues with GPS on my S4 which seems to be a common issue with the current software for many users, not sure if that's still a problem with the S5 but I believe its possible touchwiz related as I never had issues with my nexus 4.

    Hope their Lollipop versions for all the phones are like this. Though on Telstra I doubt I'd see it for 6 months anyways.

    I must be alone, but after I installed Cyanagenmod on my S4 I missed some of the TouchWiz features so I reverted back again. :/

      As someone who is considering moving from TouchWiz to a closer to stock rom, I'd like to know what kind of things you missed?

        It was about a year ago, so I'm fuzzy on specifics, but I remember preferring the TouchWiz messaging app, and some of the sensor stuff specific to the S4, like being able to mute a call by turning the phone face down. I have a Samsung television so having the media sharing stuff "built-in" is handy sometimes too.

        I rarely use the camera, so not having the TouchWiz photo modes - drama shot, item eraser, animated photo etc. - didn't bother me, but casual photographers might have a use for some of them.

        Some things might already be addressed in the latest Lollipop release and there are other apps that will do most of the other stuff, but on the whole I just don't find TouchWiz on the S4 to be the horrible, sloth-like, phone-killing interface so many others have reported it be. It does use a lot more disk space though.

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