The Fine Line That Separates Normality From Disaster In One Single Photo

It seems that, every time the heavy rain season comes, some Austrians live in a permanent situation of impending disaster. Just look at these homes right next to a flood protection wall that seems about to burst and destroy everything.

I completely missed this when it happened back in 2013. It looks terrible. To live here must be to live in fear but, if you really think about it, it’s not much different from living anywhere else. That’s why people keep living whenever they are living, no matter if it’s next to an active volcano or a hurricane area.

The fact is that we all live on the edge between normality and total obliteration no matter where we are. A car crash, a random kitchen accident, a misstep in the bathroom, a bad infection, cancer… a million things can go wrong and change our lives forever. Or kill us. We are always one second away from total chaos, which is why we should always remember to live to the fullest of our capacity. That’s why this wall feels like a perfect metaphor of life itself.