The FCC Will Finally Decide On Net Neutrality In February

The FCC Will Finally Decide on Net Neutrality in February

After countless months of hemming and hawing, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US will reportedly vote on new net neutrality rules in February. Unnamed sources at the FCC told The Washington Post as much today. Specifics remain vague, but here's hoping Tom Wheeler and friends listen to the president's advice.

It's hard to tell what exactly's going to happen, though. An FCC spokesperson "confirmed the February timetable" to the Post but wouldn't elaborate on what Wheeler's been telling the commissioners. It does seem like the FCC is finished hearing from the public (read: losing the public's comments) and Congress intervening in the process seems imminent.

Nevertheless, the FCC's monthly meeting on February 26 looks like it's going to be D-Day in the war for the future of the internet. [Washington Post]


    POTUS has very little pull now that he's on his last legs, and there's a lot of money being thrown at this by the big players. So don't expect their decision to be fair and balanced..! :(

    Its simple. "The internet has become indispensable to day to day life in the US therefore we (as big companies) should be allowed to screw users as much as we possibly can, This means that anything that prevents us from maximising the amounts we can charge is anti-competitive, anti-American, anti-Christian and just plain wrong."

    it is unfortunate but the fact is this will probably go through for the following reasons:

    1. the republicans now control the senate so they will try there hardest to vote against the president.

    2. the head of the FCC responsible for deciding on net neutrality is the single largest recipient of campaign funds from cable lobbyists which are the ones against net neutrality so he has a couple million reasons to vote it down.

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