The Commodore Lives: Holden To Retain Iconic Nameplate

The Commodore Lives: Holden To Retain Iconic Nameplate

After the news came down that Holden would shutter its Australian operations by 2017, we assumed that the iconic, Australian-built Commodore would become just another automotive memory. But forget what you heard, because the Commodore is sticking around for years to come, Holden confirmed today.

Holden and GM confirmed today that the Commodore would become part of the international stable, with the next model slated for arrival in 2018.

“The next-generation large car we have selected from GM’s global portfolio is worthy of the iconic Commodore nameplate,” Holden’s executive director of sales, Peter Keley said in a statement.

Keley added that the Commodore nameplate would make the new 2018 car competitive in the Australian market, and will be tested at the local proving ground in Victoria to ensure it can stand up to Aussie punishment.

Holden won’t reveal anything about the new Commodore in terms of specs, but added that it will focus on handling, power, acceleration, towing ability and other aspects like external styling, interior space and affordability.

Long live the Commodore.