The Best Sex Toy Ever Just Got Kinkier

The Best Sex Toy Ever Just Got Kinkier

A couple of years ago, we said that Hello Touch may be the best sex toy ever invented. But now Jimmyjane has updated its Power Glove-like vibrating device to make it more powerful and more, well, interesting. Now, the so-called Pleasure Pods that attach to the end of your fingers not only vibrate, they deliver electric shocks.

Don’t worry — it’s all very safe. The new Hello Touch X offers a rather pleasurable electro stimulation experience. The technology is not unlike what physical therapists use to make your muscles feel better, and you can imagine how a little bit of e-stim will make your partner feel like they have never felt before. I’ve tried it myself (on a PG part of my body) and would describe the sensation is something between a tickle and a pinch.

That’s on the lower levels of the 10 different intensity levels. When you crank up the Hello Touch X, let’s just say that things might get a little bit kinky. And six pulsation modes will leave you guessing. Jimmyjanes describes e-stim as “an ideal way to test the pleasure/pain boundaries of S&M.” Research also shows that e-stim is an effective treatment for sexual dysfunction in women and can produce more intense orgasms. And again, there’s no risk of bodily harm.

All that said, the increased power of vibration motors in the Hello Touch X Pleasure Pods is worth the upgrade — regardless of whether you’re intrigued by the e-stim experience or already own the first generation of the device. It’s worth pointing out the Hello Touch X comes with two sets of Pleasure Pods: one for vibration and one for e-stim.

You can’t do both at the same time, unless you buy two devices. Then again, you also don’t want to overwhelm your partner.

Jimmyjane is also updating its flagship line of waterproof, rechargeable vibrators with the launch of the Hello Touch X. The new Form 5 looks a little bit like Batman, and the Pleasure Wings that give it that appearance represent an interesting innovation in vibrator design. A powerful motor in the centre of the device causes the silicon wings to flap slightly, providing pleasure on all sides. Men can use it too.

The are great gifts.

Pictures: Jimmyjane