Telstra's Next T-Box Won't Have Netflix

The Telstra T-Box is a surprisingly popular piece of hardware, but it's not long for this world — a new one should be out very soon. That new media streamer, though, apparently won't support one of the world's most widely used streaming video services.

The AFR reports that the T-Box, rumoured to be imminently discontinued and replaced with a cheaper and more 'net-connected version, will probably not be able to access Netflix when that service becomes available in Australia.

According to the AFR, Telstra has a replacement device ready to go that would supersede the T-Box, a lower-cost unit to complement the more expensive upcoming Foxtel iQ3. The new media streamer doesn't have an internal hard drive to temporarily or permanently store content, though, and will largely be focused on online video on demand services. Despite that emphasis, it won't support Netflix — probably the largest and most high-profile streaming video service likely to be released in Australia in 2015.

The ongoing partnership between Telstra and Foxtel means that a Foxtel Play equivalent is likely to be the main subscription video on demand (SVOD) service on the new T-Box, though Telstra's own BigPond Movies and Foxtel's Presto spin-off should both be available as well. While the lack of Netflix is entirely understandable, since the two companies will be in stiff competition, it may not turn out to be the best thing for the average T-Box-using consumer in the long run. [AFR]

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