Smart Billboards Arrive In Australia... And They Know What Car You're Driving

We're living in the future, remember? So, yeah, we're still figuring out the hoverboard thing and rehydratable pizzas are nowhere on the horizon, but "smart" ads? If you're driving in Australia, Lexus has you covered.

Lexus has embraced the concept of inanimate intelligence by popping "smart" billboards in key locations around the country, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

As The Age's Hannah Francis writes, the billboards can identify the vehicle you're in and has access to miscellaneous information — for example, whether it's raining or not of if there's a traffic jam ahead. It'll then subject you to a targeted message (from 80 possible templates). Here's an example from the article:

"Hey black Merc driver, the heavens have opened. This is the new Lexus."

You'll be able to enjoy these ads starting Monday, with the story specifically pointing out Melbourne's Kew Junction and the airports of Perth and Sydney, Adelaide's Gouger Street and Brisbane's George Square.

All I can think of is how this is a prime hacking target. Not sure of the logistics, but boy, someone could get up to quite a bit of mischief.

[The Age]

Photo: Lexus

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