Skull Tongs Are A Great DIY Zombie Weapon For The End Of Days

Skull Tongs Are a Great DIY Zombie Weapon for the End of Days

There are plenty of ways to kill a zombie, but everyone knows destroying the brain is the most important ingredient in the recipe for eliminating the undead.

Applying his exhaustive skill set of creating dangerous machines that can decapitate, maim, and seriously injure, slinghshot master Joerg Sprave built what he's called "Skull Tongs," which can capture an unsuspecting zombie's skull between two chrome hammers.

To discern whether the Skull Tongs would kill a zombie or just make it pop a few Tylenol before going about its brain-eating business, Sprave tested out his contraption against a zombie head replica — filled with fake blood, of course — with close material density to that of a human skull.

Looks like the newly devised zombie murder weapon is a smashing success. (I'll see myself out). [YouTube]

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