Season 5 Of Game Of Thrones Premieres April 12

Season 5 Of Game Of Thrones Premieres April 12

We now know when the next season of Game Of Thrones will hit TV screens — in the US, at least. Hey, it’s only three (long, grueling, painful) months away!

If you want to get technical, that’ll be April 13 in Australia, which conveniently for us is a Monday. Let’s presume that the show will premiere at 8:00PM on Sunday April 12 in New York — with daylight savings ending here and starting there in April and March respectively, that’s 10:00AM Monday April 13 for us here (AEST, in Sydney, at least).

If Foxtel broadcasts the Game Of Thrones season five premiere live in simulcast with HBO in the US, you’ll want to sit glued to your TV around that time. Maybe you should take the morning off. If Foxtel does what it usually does and broadcasts the show here a mere hour or 90 minutes after its US broadcast, you’ll probably see it in the TV guide for around 11:30AM. Maybe you should take the entire day off.

We’re checking with Foxtel whether it has plans to simulcast the series premiere live with the US, or at least fast-track it as much as it can. Stay tuned, and we’ll let you know when we do!

Update: Here’s what Foxtel has to say so far.

Foxtel will be screening Game Of Thrones S5 on Monday April 13 ( which is April 12 in the US) express and primetime on showcase.

Time slot is TBC.